How about Cummins 4BT Engine?

Diesel engines have been widely used in transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, ship power and other industries due to their advantages such as high compression ratio, high thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption, and good economy.

Cummins is one of the most famous engine brands. As small as the Fukang 2.8L engine on light trucks, to the large-displacement and high-horsepower engines of Tianlong’s flagship ISZ series and Auman EST X13 series, they have a large number of users in China, and both word-of-mouth and sales have a good harvest.sectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

As the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer, it is also the largest foreign investor in China’s diesel engine industry. Cummins diesel engine technology has always been at the top no matter at home or abroad. This blog takes you through its most famous diesel engine—Cummins 4BT.

Each number and letter in the 4BT name has a different meaning, “4” represents the number of cylinders of the engine, “B” represents the engine series (namely Cummins B series), “T” represents the engine adopts turbocharger pressure technology. Not only that, but also like 4BTA (“A” means using post-cooling technology), 4BTAA (“AA” means using air-to-air cooling technology) and so on.

If you want to know more about Cummins 4BT diesel engine, you need to see its CPL. In fact, CPL refers to the control parts catalog number of diesel engine. It is related to the emission control device, fuel injector, fuel injection pump, turbocharger, etc. that the engine is equipped with.

The CPL number of the 4BT engine is on the engine data label. If the engine is damaged and parts need to be ordered, it must be determined which machine it is based on the CPL number on the engine

Although the 4BT engine has dozens of CPL numbers, there are mainly four versions used in the automotive field, namely 1839, 2001, 2195 and 2304. However, other versions of the 4BT engine can also be modified and applied to the automotive field. It’s just not as mainstream as these four versions.


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