Cummins China: The first QSK new platform electronically controlled engine HE800FG high-horsepower supercharger successfully rolled off the assembly line

Recently, the first HE800FG high-horsepower supercharger of Wuxi Cummins turbocharging technology suitable for QSK’s new platform electronically controlled engine successfully rolled off the production line and achieved small batch production, marking the localization of the high-horsepower turbocharger of Wuxi Cummins turbocharging technology The production and manufacturing capabilities are improved to a higher level, with higher performance products, faster response speed, and better service to Chinese customers.

The new generation of HE800FG high-horsepower supercharger adopts a new pressure impeller and turbine design. The maximum efficiency of the pressure end reaches 80%, the pressure ratio reaches 4.6, and the maximum efficiency of the turbo end is 82%, which greatly improves the overall efficiency of the supercharger and reduces engine fuel consumption. , And has outstanding plateau adaptability.

The newly designed pressure impeller significantly prolongs the high-cycle and low-cycle fatigue life of the turbocharger, and enhances the durability of the product; at the same time, the new generation of HE800FG high-horsepower turbocharger is matched with a bearing and sealing system with greater carrying capacity to improve the product’s leakage resistance The oil capacity can better adapt to the harsh application conditions of the Chinese market.

The successful roll-off of the new generation HE800FG high-horsepower supercharger is the result of many efforts. Facing the supply chain challenges during the epidemic, Wuxi Cummins’ turbocharging technology chained global resources to ensure the supply of key components and made key investment in transformation and upgrading of the production line. After continuous debugging, it finally realized small batch supply and satisfied the first time. Customer’s engine installed demand.

The new-generation HE800FG high-horsepower supercharger is expected to be mass-produced in November this year. It is mainly used in the QSK new platform electronically controlled engine produced by Chongqing Cummins to meet the needs of 19L/38L and larger displacement products in the future.

As an important global production base for high-horsepower turbochargers, Wuxi Cummins Turbocharging Technology Co., Ltd. has turbochargers suitable for engine products with a displacement of 19L~50L. Products are widely used in many high-horsepower non-road fields such as power generation, marine use, oil and gas fields, and railways.


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